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INTERMITENCIAS DE LA MUERTE. LAS [JOSE SARAMAGO] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. BOOKS IN SPANISH. Buy Las intermitencias de la muerte Madrid by Jose Saramago (ISBN:) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on. Las intermitencias de la muerte has 5 ratings and 0 reviews. Barcelona. 22 cm. p. Encuadernación en tapa dura de editorial con sobrecubierta ilustrad.

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It is NOT difficult to read, give it a few pages and I promise you will grasp it. Death, Interrmitencias learned, is far more fascinating as a person than a concept. View all 13 comments. What a disaster of a world is made in the first pages. View all 9 comments. A foundation with his name was established in ; its main aims are cultural promotion, particularly of Portuguese literature and authors. We still have solid blocks of text and meandering ramblings and endless strangely punctuated sentences, but the slow shift in the mood and the feeling subtly creeps up making you look up from the book and saramato – am I still reading the same story?

Las intermitencias de la muerte by José Saramago

His works, some of which can be seen as allegories, commonly present subversive perspectives on historic events, emphasizing the human factor rather than the officially sanctioned story. Namely, just because you live forever doesn’t mean you don’t suffer bodily harm. Goodreads helps you keep saramaho of books you want to read.

A key focus of the book is how society relates to death in both of these forms, and fe, how death relates to the people she is meant to kill. Love towards the life humans live, and… is she falling in love with someone?

View all 11 comments. Anyone with an imagination. It’s death, a stranger to failure, who sets out to investigate and to set the matters right, unprepared for what is waiting for her.


Many of his sentences are written in a style almost akin to stream of consciousness. It’s deaththe female noun in so many languages, whose whim led to such perturbances in the function of the state and religion and philosophy. It’s death, who is surprised at the audacity of a mediocre unremarkable middle-aged musician who refuses josd die.

This book is not yet featured on Listopia. But nothing is for free on this saramagp of ours, and very soon the exultation starts to inntermitencias down. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. The dream of immortality has fascinated humanity forever. Muertf it happened in Blindnessthe realism of it all is striking. And why do I have those pesky tears glistening in the corners of my eyes?

Saramago allows himself to follow a line of thought to its logical conclusion, even if that conclusion is absurd to the point of ridiculousness. And then, almost two-thirds into the story, the mood shifts, the narration abruptly changes, and the new plot emerges, folding violet letters into violet envelopes, confidently raising its head and wondering, Have you missed l Medias this blog was made to help people to easily download or read PDF files.

Want to Read saving…. Give it a try. View all 70 comments. And why can’t I stop myself from sighing and quietly saying, “Aww I am on page 70, does this book get any better, or does it keep going on in this vein?

The novel centers around death as both a phenomenon, and as an anthropomorphized character. He is poking around, trying to kick up a worthy subject from under the dust, and it is clear from this haphazard fe that he really has no idea of the direction the novel will take. It’s all delivered in the voice that is both dry and witty, detached yet flourishing, both mocking and serious.

It makes us feel like going over and putting a hand on her hard shoulder and whispering a few words of sympathy in her ear, or, rather, in the place where her ear once was, underneath the parietal.


When taken away, as in this book, it poses doubts about life, questions humanity, trivializes love, destabilizes our economy, and mocks our fear of an integral aspect of our nature. Do you want to live forever?

Quotes from Death with Interr Saramago begins Death at Intervals with very broad strokes. Return to Book Page. Death is a part of life; death is a quality that makes us human, death is even an economic pillar. A perfect book cover for a satire about death.

Immortality is not eternal youth, and ultimately what we have is hundreds and thousands of people suspended on the edge of dying, in the in-between state, neither dead nor alive, caught on the borderline. View all 4 comments. As a rather imaginative story dealing with a very familiar yet unwelcome theme, it manages to paint death in a fair and, ironically, impersonal light without being emotional or needlessly sentimental. The book, based in an unnamed, landlocked country at a point in the unspecified past, opens with the end of death.

The paragraphs are very long too, therefore, people with short attention span have to be patient if they want to read this book. As we read Death with Interruptions we really appreciate the truth of that statement. So death for example may be lethal but perhaps it is not morbid.

In an unnamed small European country without any explanations people have stopped dying – an eternal dream come true, right?

Las intermitencias de la muerte

And so I stand by my 5-star rating from a year agoand begin a desperate hunt for more Saramago books. Refresh and try again. Very entertaining but try as I might I am just not a fan of Saramago’s style.