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This calibration manual focuses on performance verification and calibration of the Fluke. A and A Digital Multimeters (hereafter referred to as the. The Fluke A & A digit precision multimeters have the accuracy & versatility to handle your most demanding measurements, on the bench or in a. Manual/User Manual on CD-ROM, FVF-BASIC. FlukeView Forms Software Basic Version. Ordering Information. Fluke A. Digit Precision. Multimeter.

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This alteration should be done by a trained technician at Fluke service center. Input connectors source current for 4-wire Ohms measurements.

Press the 1 A or 0. Of course, these DMMs are also durable and dependable, features you expect from any Fluke meter.


Page 95 Appendices Errors Incorrect packet size from inguard Info packet rec’d; link not active Inguard Calibration Constant write failed Inguard not responding recv Inguard not responding send INITiate received but was ignored Instrument configuration load failed Instrument configuration store failed Insufficient memory Invalid dimensions in a channel list Invalid parameter Invalid parameter One mznual is connected to HI or LO input circuits and the other contact is connected to the Sense input circuits.

Fluke authorized resellers shall extend this warranty on new and unused products to end-user customers only but have no authority to extend a greater or different warranty on behalf of Fluke. DC Voltage, Clock Resistance, setting date and time, Firmware Configurations checking revision, recalling, Fluke storing, contacting of, Configure for Measurements, Frequency meausrements, Continuity Front Panel, Setting of threshold, Front Panel Navigation, Page 9 Fkuke The soft key flhke becomes highlighted to indicate high input Z is activated.


Safety Information XW Warning To avoid possible electric shock, personal injury, or death, read the 8846aa before using the Meter: Setting The Display Resolution Front-Panel Operation Configuring the Meter for a Measurement The beeper state is stored in non-volatile memory and does not change when the Meter is turned off or after a remote interface reset.

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Digit Multimeter | DMM | Fluke A & A

Replacing the Current Input Fuses Please contact your local Fluke Calibration sales representative for details or to request a quote. Ac Current [2] Available at front panel connectors only [3] mA available in software version 2. Fpuke Mount Kit, Single. Fluke support completes the equation of value Like all Fluke products, the A and A are built to provide years of dependable service.

With the test leads connected to the mA and Input LO connectors, press the A soft key as shown above, if not already highlighted. You can also use the A and A to measure frequency and period.

Fluke 8845A User Manual

Comments to this Manuals Your Name. Chapters Table Of Contents These digital multimeters perform manhal functions you would expect to see in a multifunction DMM, including measuring volts, ohms, and amps. This filter averages readings A special test lead accessory is available to enable you to establish the connection.


USB port on the front panel of the Meter. An example of the capacitance display is shown below. Appendix B Errors Introduction Listed below are the error messages the Meter uses to indicate a problem.

Register Log in Contact Us. To reveal signal quality issues like drift, intermittants and stability, view data as a real time trend plot or histogram, with the unique analyze mode. These meters are both high performance and feature rich, yet also remarkably easy to use.

To set the number of samples, or measurements the Meter will take for 8846aa external trigger received: The Fluke A and A flume. Fuse, mA, V, Flhke. Using the Analyze Functions The Meter is capable of performing mathematical operations with measured values, as well as tracking a series of measurements.

A measurement trigger can also be initiated through the IEEE port with a remote command.