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Inquisitor Ravenor and his followers investigate a daemonic conspiracy that stretches across space and time in three classic novels by Dan Abnett. READ IT. Ravenor [Dan Abnett] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The first novel in the Ravenor trilogy, the follow-up to Dan Abnett’s immensely. Ravenor: The Omnibus [Dan Abnett] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. In the war-torn future of the 41st millennium, the Inquisition fights a.

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Overall, it managed to keep my occupied for the couple days it took to read through, and it had me wanting to leave the movies to see what happened in the next chapter. The in famous Inquisitor Eisenhorn also made an arguably final appearance in the connecting story of Ravenor and Ravenor Returned. You really want to know about these characters and their world.

The parts narrated by Ravenor himself – again in first-person point-of-view, like the Eisenhorn books – are few and far between, and though those are fun enough to read, they get lost in the third-person limited narrations of the other members of his retinue.

It sounds a little awkward but I thought it worked well.

Gideon Ravenor – Wikipedia

Molotch is a sublimely understated agent of daemonic forces. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. I found it too slow and cold and the characters not relatable enough, especially the protagonist who is barely human. To ask other readers questions about Ravenorda sign up. The plot also plods along setting up this new team and their missions. Inquisitor Gideon Ravenor is one of the finest agents in the Inquisition, the former protege of the infamous and now missing Gregor Eisenhorn.

Ravenor Returned (Novel) – Warhammer 40k – Lexicanum

Jul 07, Andrew Bass rated it liked it. Warhammer 40, 1 – 10 of books.

Sep 04, Adrian Ayala rated it it was amazing Shelves: It’s not that it’s bad and could be a product of expectations coming off Eisenhorn, but it feels really cluttered and confusing trying to keep track of the wide variety of new characters and viewpoints. The first third of this book is roug I never disliked Ravenor, but always had a hard time getting into his stories after Eisenhorn.

Big, chain-smoking and disliked by pretty much everyone in part because of his psychic blankness. Gideon Ravenor was Eisenhorn’s disciple before he went rouge. There’s a lot that can confuse the reader if they’re using this series as a jumping-off point into Warhammer 40Kso any further explanation they might need or want or even not want can be found in the two Warhammer 40K wikis online; I suggest they be used as necessary, but judiciously, as spoilers abound.


As Senior Canon Generator, I admire Abnett’s ability to flesh out the 40k universe in a way which makes it feel like a functioning, if nightmarish, religious bureaucracy, and he brings a level of maturity to a universe that can otherwise be very silly. The boo Now before you get angry with my two star review or pass this book up, remember a two star review means I found this book only O. Thanks for telling us about the problem.

Gideon Ravenor

Abnett does well is put us in the thick of the dark future that is WH40K. This may be a typing mistake or Orfeo exaggerating Ravenor’s abilities. Whilst Eisenhorn was three separate stories linked by some continuing subplots and elements, Ravenor is a much bigger, more epic story split into three rafenor. I will say that, while I liked it, I did not love it.

Although in Ravenor it is mentioned that Ravenors force chair amplifies his already formidable powers.

What can you say when characters you love, oh I don’t know, are locked up in prison with no resolution to their fate, or perhaps turned into abnett host for a daemon this has happened MORE THAN ONCEor perhaps in order to combat the evil and darkness they hate they have to give in to its power and use it becoming the very thing they hate? Overall I think this story is good but not excellent, as, in my opinion, it lacks depth and some parts of it are weaker.

Seriously, the Inquisitor trilogies are awesome, do yourself a favor The characters from Eisenhorn would have more depth compared to Ravenor, partly cause the histories of the characters from Eisenhorn were more explored.

However, as the story unfolds it becomes clear that this is only scraping the surface of a plot that could bring down the Imperium as well as destabilis The Ravenor Trilogy begins some 15 years after the events of ‘Hereticus’ and the finale of Dan Abnett’s Eisenhorn Trilogy.

Maybe its because of my personal preference to Eisenhorn over Ravenor as a character. Dan Abnett is great at creating atmosphere, and he absolutely nails it within this first book, creating an ever increasing tension that keeps building up until it explodes in an action filled crescendo.

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Though I did really enjoy this omnibus I preferred the Raveor more mainly because I guess I enjoyed the Eisenhorn character so much. Since I’ve read the Eisenhorn trilogy, it’s inevitable that I compare Ravenor’s story to that of his former mentor’s, and I have to adn, I think I like Gregor Eisenhorn more than Ravenor – at least, in terms of his narrative voice.

Being a Necromunda abentt made the first half especially interesting. The only other thing that Dan Abnett fan’s, like myself, can complain about is that unlike his previous work, the Ravenor Trilogy is one BIG story told over three books. Eisenhorn’s narrative style is a mirror of the man himself: I me On-point characterisation of the stifling nature of a faceless bureaucracy, filled with make work involving parsing of nonsense though it turns out that the entire set up had a more insidious purpose.

Ravenor Series

To ask other readers questions about Ravenorplease sign up. It was by no means bad, but Abnett abjett much better books out. I won’t spoil the ending but it doesn’t take a great leap to imagine how it goes. Dec 10, Mateo rated it liked it.

Check out the top books of the year on our page Best Books of Looking for beautiful books? Sholto Unwerth is a comic relief that works AND one you end up actually caring about. If you’re going to read it, i suggest reading “Eisenhorn” first, because this book is a sequel of sorts to that text, and you’ll understand this book a lot better if you read that one first. While I did find it hard to follow at times frequently there is A LOT going onit was still an awesome read.

As I mentioned earlier, Ravenor is a powerful psyker, and that power isn’t used just for making things levitate and pushing himself around in his force chair: Due to some freak accident caused by an alpha plus psyker left Gideon Ravenor steps away form the gates of hell while his body was melted into a nasty ruin.