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A mesmeric collection of stories about love. In his characteristically unsentimental , elegant and spare prose, Schlink unveils characters and relationships. THE characters in ”Flights of Love,” Bernhard Schlink’s first collection of stories, are not the kind of men you expect to be defined by love, much. Flights of Love Bernhard Schlink, trans John E Woods pp, Weidenfeld, £ Beneath Black Stars: Contemporary Austrian Fiction.

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All those aspects of life we can see so well in retrospect Yet these stories tend towards the banal and the schematic, as in “Sugar Peas”, the cautionary tale of an architect’s triple life with wife and mistresses, which gets a cursory feminist twist.

I didn’t think ‘The Reader’ was as good as everyone made it out to be. Andi follows up with, “What would you say if I said I didn’t hold it against you that you are Jewish. Yet while Schlink’s stories betray a shallow glibness, the Austrian selection proves more challenging and worthwhile. If at times his writing seems detached or cold, I wonder how much of that is due to the fact that we are reading translations.

I don’t think it’s easy to capture the different varieties of love. This parodic stance has helped put many Austrian writers at odds with the state. The penalties of love, and the lack of it, are paid by spouses, lovers, children.

While the settings are mainly in Germany, two stories take place in North America and one in an unnamed South American country. However, when he gets back, not only does Sarah not notice, but she doesn’t even understand the significance once he tells her. But I liked Bernhard’s style of writing. He became a judge at the Constitutional Court of the federal state of North Rhine-Westphalia in and has been a professor of public law and the philosophy of law at Humboldt University, Berlin, Germany since January The discontent they feel is simply a case of boredom most of the time.


Circumcision was probably my favourite out of the 7 stories.

Flights of Love by Bernhard Schlink

Indeed all stories in Flights of Love are provocative and readable but I think they are too trite well, I guess except for “The Circumcision”. Schlink’s latest volume of stories, Flights of Love, together with Martin Chalmers’s richly varied Austrian anthology, Beneath Black Stars, suggest that the legacy of the Third Reich still haunts German-language literature.

I’m not the biggest fan of stort stories but these were just all so dull. As memorable as The Reader. The Best Books of I was at first attracted by Schlink’s calm, clear prose. Books of the Week. Most deal with regret and loss. And not just history history, but the characters’ individual histories, everything they might have experienced up until these snapshots are revealed.

The last story, “The Woman at the Gas Station” was particularly poignant to me, and left me thinking about marriages Though love is the common emotion in each, not a trace of sentimentality mars the tensile energy of the narratives.

My thoughts on “Girl with a Lizard”: All the stories had to do with love and how sometimes it can burn you. They meet and fall in love, and explore all the problems that a German-Jewish couple faces.

History’s nightmare

Would those thoughts, being actually shared, have kept us closer and more together? In contrast to The Reader ‘s faith in “bourgeois culture”, this volume expresses a profound mistrust of language – “my most intimate confidante, the sweet German language”, in Elfriede Jelinek’s words – through a wealth of experimental prose.

It’s difficult for me to rate the book as a single work. In this instance, I can understand why he did so. It now makes flifhts that relationships continue throughout their lifetime to be as tenuous as they started. One’s life, emotion, and feeling may be explained; the painting may take-on more meaning then anything else. Read it Forward Read it first.


The stories reminded me of how hard it is to have insight in how others love us. It didn’t seem like the two of them were going to reach a common ground. Jan 10, Kaloyana rated it it was ok.

But this is the way life is. I borrowed this book from my friend’s fiance. This collection, by Bernhard Schlink of The Reader fame, could not have made me feel more different. This book of seven short stories, while a bit uneven, at least shows that the author can relate tales of interest, of introspection, of intrique, and in general can keep his reader flowing with his thoughts to the somewhat open-ended conclusions. The most effecting, however, is probably the story that concludes the collection – ‘The Woman at the Gas Station’.

Flights of Love

Want to Read saving…. The book became a bestseller both in Germany and the United States and was translated into 39 languages.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. A boy’s deep curiosity about a mysterious painting lovw a girl with a lizard in his father’s possession leads him to question his role during the war. I’ve seen many men who have. I don’t think I’ll be reading any of his books in the furture. The weak and trying obsession with the other person. Flight that person gives you a gift–through all the mixed anger and passion–you learn more about yourself in a way you never understood before.

Mar 22, Skeletonized rated it it was amazing.

Beneath his straightforward and engaging plot lines, Schlink also does a remarkable job of characterizing some of my favorite European cities.