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AZ Edit Programming Part 2. SPECIAL FUNCTIONS Listen key is paired to the Talk Key and can be manually turned on or off. Many intercoms have AF on all. View and Download Telex Azedit software manual online. Telex Azedit Software: Software Guide. Azedit Software pdf manual download. WARRANTY INFORMATION. RTS products are warranted by Telex Communications, Inc. to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of.

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A warning indicating that you are changing the intercom configuration appears. Select Edit Cancel Nanual from the menu bar to cancel changes that have been made. First Edition, March www.

AZedit Software User Manual. Up to and including version 4.0.0

manuzl Party Lines In party lines, several ports can be made members of the same party line, if needed. GPI Out 5 The highlighted party lines are no longer highlighted, while party lines that were not highlighted become highlighted.

This requires a separate COM port connection at the computer. Generally, this port is configured to be the Microphone associated with that IFB so that 2-way conversation is possible. When the PL1 key azedi release, the second UPL statement again becomes true, which forces azedih PL 1 key on the directors keypanel to be turned off. To make this website work, we log user data and share it with processors.

No Phone Dial Icon: Two more toolbars can be turned on or off by right-clicking in the toolbar area, or from the view menu or from the red icon in the middle of the top toolbar. Use the XPT Inhibit button to restrain a crosspoint closure between the port currently being viewed and the port selected. This is for use with IFB’s and automatically routes the listen key to the “listen source port” as defined in the setup page for that particular IFB.


Using the slider, scroll to and select the AZedit program you azfdit to remove. Select Edit Copy from the menu bar to perform a copy.

Telex Azedit Software Manual

The Alpha and Alias fields will be the same, unless you change the Alias field manually. Click on any other listen or talk key so the AF just entered has a yellow background change pending Hover the pointer over the AF and Double LEFT Maanual – you should see a azeeit similar to an exclamation point!

The printer driver is software that allows your computer to control the. From the Port field, select the port for which you want to set Telex Communications The Alpha field displays the number of the Alpha currently being displayed. While in Server mode, no changes can be made. You can also sort the view by clicking at the top of each column, here it’s sorted by the P-T column – see the small triangle.

The only warranties for HP amnual More information.

Don’t have an account? This cabling requires a crossover cable. The only time a user might not want all three 3 settings to match is when configuring several independent intercom systems. The AUTH folder is the default folder where azevit files are stored.

The Edit IFB screen appears. Select Authentication Change Intercom to change intercom systems. GPI Out 7 Verify the cabling from the intercom system to azedi computer running AZedit is correct. For the purposes of this user manual, the ADAM frame azdeit seen as a peripheral device, therefore when the system is uploading information, information is being retrieved from the ADAM. You will see a status manuzl until it is finished uploading the data.

Inter-panel Dim Tables If there were a feedback problem between Ralph and me, we could use one DIM table with all three of us as members with only one dim amount.

Danger This alerts you to things that may cause. A File Name drop-down list appears. PL listen keys always have to be turned on manually to listen because these devices don’t have RTS data like the KP’s do.


AZedit Software User Manual. Up to and including version PDF

Up to and including version aedit. The IFB alpha appears in the keypanel display field. The Save Online setup Browse window appears. During installation, AZedit creates nine 9 sub-folders within the application folder. Page 86 ISOs that you use. Right Click Guide to the Party Lines Screen Built into AZedit are many different ways to get to the same information, by buttons, menus, and right-clicking.

To create a new file with the default configuration settings, do the following: Merge is available in the Mqnual menu and also via the merge button. By default, all items in the Paste Special screen are selected.

Configure the Ethernet connection for the intercom system. We normally recommend you set the intercom configuration in the master controller first, and then apply these settings to AZedit afterward. The following paragraphs contain a more detailed discussion of the three 3 resource settings, and how to manage the memory limitations. Page 49 From the Change popup menu, you can: Select Azefit Check for Duplicate Alphas from the menu bar to check for duplicate alphas.

The Alias column displays the alias of the ISO. The Online drop down menu appears. Select Edit Cut from the menu bar to perform a cut.

In such cases, check cable construction or cable routing, or use a shorter cable. This means that you can view the current intercom system configuration, as well as intercom activity, but you cannot make any changes.