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About Abandonment to Divine Providence by Jean-Pierre de Caussade Jean Pierre de Caussade was one of the most remarkable spiritual writers of the. Abandonment to Divine Providence. With Letters of Father de Caussade on the Practice of Self-Abandonment. By: Jean-Pierre De Caussade. Abandonment to Divine Providence has ratings and reviews. booklady French writer JEAN PIERRE DE CAUSSADE () believed that the.

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Some Christian denominations stress that God has divinw plan for you and fill you with anxiety about whether or not you are fulfilling God’s plan. S12 The Divine Word our Model.

All things work together for our good if we let Him work in our lives. Nov 08, William rated it it was amazing. I have read both versions, Sacrament of the Present Momentbeing the newer translation of Abandonment of Divine Providence.

Caussade spent years as preacher in southern and central France, as a college rector at Perpignan and at Albiand as the director of theological students at the Jesuit house in Toulousewhich is where he died. Francis de Sales, touches in a uniquely loving and gentle way on the sufferings on the soul immersed in the dark night of the spirit, offers guidance on ways of contemplation and the attainment of true humility, which, as the author asserts, is the prerequisite of self-knowledge preparing the way for the love of God which the purified soul must enter through the cloud of unknowing.

Abandonment to Divine Providence Quotes Showing of They are before God like a perfectly woven fabric with a clear surface; and neither think, nor seek to know what God will be pleased to trace thereon, because they have confidence in Him, they abandon themselves to Him, and, entirely absorbed by their duty, they think not of themselves, nor of what may be necessary for them, nor of how to obtain it.


S3 The Different Duties of Abandonment. S7 Divine Favours Offered to All. Reading books about it only makes it worse. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. S1 The life of God in the soul.

Abandonment to Divine Providence Quotes by Jean-Pierre de Caussade

A more authoritative version of these notes was published only in S11 The Strength of Simplicity. The soul of Jesus Christ received these directions at every moment, and acted upon them externally. Hidden Operations of God II. It benefits by all their efforts, and what is meant to degrade it only increases its jean–pierre.

I love this book. S7 Trust in the guidance of God.

Abandonment to Divine Providence by Jean-Pierre De Caussade | : Books

In reality, holiness consists in one thing alone, namely, fidelity to God’s aabandonment. When I say heart, I mean will. It is by the apparent withdrawal of these sensible gifts that He prepares the way for that great gift which is the most precious and the most extensive of all, since it embraces all others. Why should you be so ingenious in tormenting yourself beforehand about something which perhaps will never happen?

Plus, it’s pretty long. They can only fall under that almighty hand which guides and supports them in all their shortcomings; which leades them towards the goal from which they are straying, and puts them back on the path they have divone.

It was recommended to my husband his spiritual director, an octogenarian Jesuit I would describe as a spiritual master.

Abandonment to Divine Providence

Jean-Pierre De Caussade, S. He is loved at first for his gifts, but when these are no longer perceptible, he is at least loved for himself. Mine is to be content, dispassionate, passive, leaving everything to your pleasure” Return to Book Page. Extra value of the new Ignatius Press edition is the inclusion of de Caussade’s wonderful letters of spiritual advice. In fact, although he was a Jesuit, his writings reflect more Carmelite and Salesian spirituality, than they do Ignatian influence.


Provided that God sees that their intentions are good he ignores the rest and accepts as done that which they abandoment infallibly have done had they been strengthened by a clearer insight” We make our own troubles, and what do we gain by it?

Recommended for those well on the path. Often it imagines that the modesty of the simple soul is a mark of appreciation for itself; when, all the time, it is only a sign of that loving fear of God and of His holy will as shown to it in the person of the proud.

There are proper seasons for reading special books. abandobment

The only sin He can’t forgive is the one for which we are not truly sorry. In abnadonment sanctity can be reduced to one single practice, fidelity to the duties appointed by God. The finding of the divine action in all that occurs at each moment, in and around us, is true science, a continuous revelation of truth, and an unceasingly renewed intercourse with God. There is nothing we can do about either.

It is the heart that must be changed.